The in-patient beds are specialised to help manage bedsores and support circulation and to ensure maximum patient comfort. Each room has its own private balcony and the beds are portable and can be moved to the balcony upon request.

Rooms have been designed to cater for patients' medical needs but to offer a warm and homely environment. All medical equipment has, wherever possible, been concealed in specially designed wall units.

Each room has been thoughtfully designed, with considerations such as SMART TVs.  They are set up to be used by patients and their visitors as their own personal interactive entertainment. The system gives access to a large number of channels, the internet, catering and what’s on the menu, as well as other news and hospice updates.

Every room has its own private bathroom, which is a wet room. We do also have bathing facilities with spa baths for our patients.

Each room has a recliner chair, which can lie flat, but we can also provide sleeping arrangements for family members who wish to stay overnight.

There is free Wi-Fi for patients and all visitors throughout the hospice. When you search for the Wi-Fi on your device please select ‘Patient’. For security the password will be changed regularly, which a member of staff will be able to help with.

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