Here our CEO Marian Imrie speaks to Steve Hyland, Co-Founder of Business Connections Live, about the challenges for hospices and the charity sector, why hospices are such an important part of the healthcare economy and what relevance this has to a local business and the mutual benefits of partnership working.

As a business by watching this interview you can expect to learn more on:

  • Recognition that the viewer (an individual or company) can reach out to their local Charity and the positive impact that this could have on them and their own workforce
  • Identification of the commercial benefits that such an association can deliver, e.g. raising of profile and brand reputation, subliminal advertising etc.
  • Identification of the skills and resources that could add value to a local Charity e.g. Trustee, Volunteer
  • Recognition that employees and colleagues may need to access these specialist services at some stage and that some form of association may help to break down barriers

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