Our clinical and medical teams are specialists in palliative care and our patients come to us with a range of complex conditions who may, for example, have a cancer, Motor Neurone Disease, end stage heart failure, Parkinson's disease, kidney disease or COPD diagnosis. 

All referrals, whether to our community teams or to our in-patient ward, must be made with the relevant medical information and forwarded to Woking & Sam Beare Hospice. Urgent referrals will be triaged and contacted within 24 hours.

The hospice Bradbury Wellbeing Centre and in-patient ward are at Woking Hospice in Goldsworth Park Centre, Woking. However, we are far more than a building and over 80% of our care is in patient homes. Each UK hospice has a referral region and Woking & Sam Beare Hospice accepts referrals from General Practitioners and other medical professionals from across six Surrey Boroughs (Runnymede, West Elmbridge, Spelthorne, Surrey Heath, Woking and North Guildford).  However, we do also provide support to people from outside of that area when required.

Sometimes patients and families will call and ask about referral, but the actual referral itself needs to come from a healthcare professional to ensure it is appropriate and sent with all the relevant medical information.

Referral contacts

Referrals must be made by completing a referral form providing as much clinical information as possible and emailed to:

In-patient ward: Send an email 

Community Team: Send an email 

Urgent referrals should be followed up with a telephone call to ensure it has been received and can be prioritised as is most appropriate.

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