Thank you for helping us deliver care for 25 years in your community - Would you help us be there for the next 25?

Did you know that as a charity working alongside our NHS colleagues, we rely on donations? One of the most effective ways to show your support is by making a regular donation by Direct Debit.

In 2012 one supporter, Carolyn made a commitment to make a small regular financial contribution to support the Hospice.

Carolyn's Story

“Back in 1994, my mother Paddy was a local artist and one of the ways she was able to show her support was by providing designs for Christmas cards, which then sold in the Hospice shops to help raise funds. Shortly after, I myself became involved with the interior design for the original Woking Hospice at Hillview Road working with Life President and Founder Rhod Lofting. I recall fondly the importance to Rhod that the whole design and ambience of the interior was to have a “home from home” rather than a clinical appearance. He had a strong vision for how he wanted the Hospice to both look and feel, wanting for instance unique paintings, including those that had been painted by my mother.

In December 1996 the doors opened at Hill View Road and the first patients were welcome into the new Hospice. Much has happened in the past 25 years and in that time Woking Hospice has continued to care for thousands of patients and their families, delivering exceptional care to each and every single person. During those years I too have had the chance to experience the care the Hospice provides, firstly for my mother Paddy, and much later, for my husband Ray.

In mum's final days she was referred to Woking Hospice. On her arrival, the Hospice’s first Matron, Marguerite asked me what I thought would most please her. I recall saying “a cup of tea and a nice bath!” and within minutes tea was served in a lovely bone china cup on a tray. When I returned a couple of hours later, my mum looked to be a totally different person having enjoyed that relaxing bath. It was quite remarkable to see the change in her.

It was wonderful for me to see Hospice care in action, after having helped on the design work just a few years before. Amazingly mum’s condition improved so much so that she was able to come home for a while – which seemed miraculous as that simply had never been expected. When her condition subsequently worsened and the pain returned, it was she who asked to go back to the Hospice, as it was where she instinctively wanted to be at a time when she felt unwell and vulnerable. For me that always stood out as a wonderful illustration of just how very well she was treated and the wonderful care she received.

If you have had any association with the Hospice through a friend or relative, like me you will no doubt feel incredibly indebted to the charity and that you would like to give something back. That was why I signed up ten years ago to make a regular gift to the Hospice. I am pleased that my small contribution, along with others who have made this same commitment, has provided a significant reliable source of vital, unrestricted and dependable funding." - Carolyn

Would you help us be there for the next 25 years?